Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A village

This sign says you are in Kroviek village. Its a tiny community at the base of a few small mountains, way way off the main roads. I visited Kroviek in March to talk with villagers about their history and experiences with LWF Cambodia.

One of the things I love about LWF Cambodia is the way it approaches development. It isn't one project, a school or a road. It is everything, farms, finance, food security, health, sanitation, education and more. To see it first hand over the past 10 months has been humbling and hopeful. This little project paints a picture of how it all works.


Carrie said...

hey rachel - this is great!:) I LOVE IT (granted it took like 30 minutes to download the file, but it was totally worth it). way to go LWF superstar!

Margaret+Marcus said...

We couldn't agree more, Rachel. This was a wonderful way to wrap up all the good work of LWF Cambodia in one very impressive publication. We've been sending it out to all those who followed our progress when we were there with LWF Cambodia. Well done!