Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This is why I'm hot

Oh the cold season in Cambodia. What a tease! A few weeks of blissfully cool weather (in the high 70s) and then it is all snatched away. I was enjoying sleeping under a blanket at night without a fan and wearing hoodies to work in the morning. But then, on Friday, I sat on the back of a moto on the way home from work and caught myself pouting as I began to sweat. Good-bye blanket, farewell hoodies.

But this entry is about more than me whining about the heat. I am hot not only because of my proximity to the equator. Oh no. I am also hot because of my Space Crown. That's right, my Space Crown, my trusty helmet. Purchased in my first week here, this ever so stylish headgear made of foam and plastic has been my constant companion. I bought it with help from my old tuk tuk driver. He pointed to it and said, " This is made in Thailand. Good." Pointing to some cheaper options he said, "Those are made in Cambodia" and shook his head. So it was settled.

This type of helmet is most often styled by Cambodian macho men, astronauts, Darth Vader or, in my case, the incredibly safety conscious. With a drop down visor and chin coverage, this baby may make me look like a bobble head doll but at least I feel safe...ish.

Number of Space Crowns: 1
Days until Nathan arrives: 8